The Black Age

The Black Age is our name for this particular canon (or rather fanon, since it’s not official) where Nilfgaard won the Third Northern War, shown in the Witcher 3. Furthermore, Ciri decided to return to her father, Emhyr var Emreis, and is currently training to be an Empress, often clashing with her father over their various goals and methods.

In terms of real world perspective, the Black Age is an organized group of roleplayers taking the roles of various characters in this new age. While Geralt’s saga is mostly done, the new adventures are mostly centered around the new generation of characters – a young witcher named Addar of Toussaint, the living legend Ciri, and the characters they would meet in their adventures.

If you want to join the group, look at the list below or propose your own original character and contact @Toussaintois on Twitter.


  • Addar of Toussaint: [TAKEN] Young witcher created by Emhyr’s mages as an experiment to create new witchers, subservient to Nilfgaard. Addar went rogue and is now trying to live as just another witcher.
  • Princess Cirilla: [FREE] Hen Ichaer, the Child of the Elder Blood, the seed that would not sprout but burst into flame, Lady of Time and Space. Now that Ciri believes her grand destiny is fulfilled, she’s trying to fit back into the life meant for her – one of a future Empress of Nilfgaard. Only time will tell how well she will fit and what she’ll live through on the way there.
  • Ilian Zhenor: [FREE] Mettinan noble, working in Oxenfurt and coordinating operations against the witch hunters, demoted to simple thugs prowling the streets of former Redania in search of things to hate.
  • Barrack Jabeir: [FREE] Zerrikanian alchemist who recreated Trial of the Grasses and on Emhyr’s orders made Addar into a witcher. After Emhyr deemed the experiment a failure after Addar escaped, Barrack relocated to Novigrad where he started a profitable alchemy business, hiring monsters as manual labor. Addar accidentally happens upon the man and finds himself working with him again.
  • Saskia: [POTENTIAL] Virgin of Aedirn, in reality a dragon by the name of Saessenthesis. She survived the events of Assassin of Kings and remains in Aedirn, facing its current issues.
  • Lambert: [FREE] One of the last active witchers of the Wolf school, Lambert resents being a witcher. Since the last war, he keeps an on-and-off relationship with Keira Metz, former advisor to King Foltest. He would make a great foil for Addar, who likes being “superhuman”.
  • Morvran Voorhis: [FREE] According to some prophecies, future Emperor of Nilfgaard, whose future is now put in doubt by Ciri’s return – which is why he’s trying to marry her. He’s also Addar’s childhood friend, both being trained in swordsmanship together. Nobody knows what their relations will be now, with Morvran on fast track to the throne and Addar officially a fugitive.
  • Emhyr var Emreis: [FREE] The current Emperor of Nilfgaard, at the end of his reign and preparing for abdication in favor of his daughter, Cirilla. Currently, he’s preparing her for taking over and is looking forward to being released from his great duty to the world.
  • Letho of Gulet: [FREE] After Geralt spared his life, Letho survived in the countryside, hiding from angry Nilfgaard and a slew of his other enemies. After helping Geralt defend Kaer Morhen from the Wild Hunt, Letho left allegedly for Zerrikania. Since then, Addar saw him in a prophetic dream about his death and wants to search for Letho one day.