These are the journals of a witcher known as Addar of Toussaint. The year is 1277 and five years ago, Nilfgaard conquered majority of the Northern Realms. Emhyr var Emreis took me as a child from an orphanage and his mages subjected me to the Trials that made me a witcher.

I was used as a tool by the Empire to quell dissent, no matter how reasonable. Coupled with my resentment over the painful experiments and the infernal training they gave me, I decided to abandon Nilfgaard and evacuated, using an unchecked ancient portal. I landed off-world and spent majority of the past five years jumping from world to world, trying to find a way back to our world.

I returned to find majority of the known world conquered by Nilfgaard and the Emperor’s long-lost daughter returned, although reputed to be the complete opposite of her father. Now I trek back through the Empire that hates me for “betrayal” and do the only thing I know how – I hunt monsters, be they felled by silver or steel blades.