30th of Linden 1277

I talked a bit with Barrack’s sphinx scribe. He really is a sphinx, androsphinx to be precise, though he doesn’t like killing. Other sphinxes hated him for being “weak”. Gynosphinxes did not attract him. Then he tried living with humans, but most tried to kill him. A witcher of manticore school was sent to kill him, but he escaped. Then he found Barrack who transformed him into a non-human. As in, he looks mostly human, but his face is still that of a sphinx – that is, pronounced feline traits on a human-like face.

Despite all he went through, he seems surprisingly idealistic. Despite being a complete cynic, I wish there were more people like him. This world needs people who believe in a better future. If no one does, it will surely never come.

After talking to Menner, that is Barrack’s sphinx scribe, we decided to visit the oni together. Perhaps another monster can convince him.

A bard on the streets thought Menner was a witcher too, because of the feline eyes. “But where’s your sword, master witcher?” he asked. Menner concocted a story about an ooze devouring it. I did not think there were ooze monsters in our world. “There aren’t any,” Menner responded to me after the bard left, “but bards do not need to know that.” He’s a clever one, that one.

We have reached some kind of agreement. The oni agreed to act only where authorities fail. I agreed to report his demise. Menner agreed to not tell Barrack anything about the conversation we had. Strangely enough, it seems like all three of us might be friends in the end. A witcher and two monsters. Strange are the turns of fate.

Also, some man in the street mistook Menner for “some exotic Ofieri whore” and me for “her pimp”. I cannot understand why some people’s minds are so constantly in the gutter.


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