29th of Linden 1277

After handing in my “trophy” and getting my reward, I went to Barrack to get some supplies. He actually suggested we restart his witcher experiments. That we get some young boys – I don’t know where, probably kidnapping – and then we try to mutate them, very possibly killing half of them. Then I would train them as the start of our own witcher school. I am not going to do that to anyone. Yes, I am more than I was, but I never asked for this. I told him to keep his inhumane ideas to himself. He said I would see my error one day. I doubt it.

The town guard tells me the witch hunter Oren was found strung up by his genitals above a busy street. With electric burns on his body. I think I need to pay a visit to my oni friend.

I tried telling the oni he can’t just go around, dispensing vigilante justice. He said I do it all the time. It’s different with me, though, I mostly do it when people attack me, or I’m asked to deal with troubles. I fear I’ll have to deal with him after all, but I loathe to defend witch hunters.

If I was making my own witcher school, IF, I’d make it School of the Crow.

On one of the worlds I visited they had particularly strange golems. Made of wood and metal, they approximated a human posture. Strangely enough, silver had no effect. Apparently no magic powered these things. They called them “robots”.


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