28th of Linden 1277

Kleinvingers sent people to watch the entrance to the crypts. Does he actually want innocent people to die? Considering I’m talking about the witch hunter leader, he probably does.

For once, I did not have to kill witch hunters. I talked to a man they call Oren. I managed to convince him I have to kill the monster. “But remember, mutant,” he finished the conversation, “we’ll be back for you when the spirit is put down.” I feel like I should have just turned around and stabbed him in the back for that, but let’s tackle the problems one at a time. So… that was an interesting experience.

I went down to the crypt and set up a fireplace and meditated, in order to summon the spirit. A few hours later, I felt immense heat and opened my eyes to see a flaming, armored skeleton next to me. “Do you like to play with fire?” it yelled out in a screeching, ear-piercing voice. Fireballs lit up in its hands. Let me specify one thing before you continue reading: corporeal undead are very, very rare. Skeletons are usually too brittle to be useful as magical minions. Corpses are just impractical. When someone is brought back by their anguish, they usually become a spirit. Not this time.

Somehow, Hierarch Vlambell’s bones were animated by his spirit, and set alight by his pyromancy and burning hatred. It seems Spectre Oil worked just fine, but getting up close with a sword was not very prudent. I had to depend on my signs and bombs. That is not a problem for me, but it took me off guard. Aard to blow out the fire from the skeleton every once in a while. Quen to shield myself from the flames when going melee. Ploughing thing kept cackling at me and taunting me with some random insults at my mutanthood. I am a very calm person, but it was simply irritating to hear that annoying, screeching voice.

I finally defeated the monster and proceeded to salt the bones and then rebury them in the sarcophagus. Unless something else happens, that should get rid of our venerable hierarch once and for all. I can’t take a bone without keeping the spirit active, so I took his holy medallion as a proof of dealing with him.

Hierarch Osric Vlambell, pyromaniac who wanted to burn the entire city for its sins and got stabbed in the back by his own Temple Guard. Rest in peace. Not because I like you, but because the alternative would hurt innocent people.


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