26th of Linden 1277

I talked to Wily about this Donald fellow. I’m told he always felt religious – that is, he was governed by his hatred. Some people in Wily’s employ who felt disappointed with his change of heart joined up with Donald and some self-proclaimed Hierarch. After Hemmelfart died in the Great Fire and the Eternal Fire was extinguished, there has been no official patriarch. So I guess the Eternal Fire people now do what they do best – kill everything that looks cross-wise at them.

Wily is very cooperative. He gave me his own files on Donald Kleinvinger to help nail him. Hmm, I wonder if the oni would help with that.

Kleinvingers has many connections in the city. Luckily, Zhenor does not care too much about it. Says he will get to the bottom of it. I’m going to see the oni under the address he gave me. See how he’s doing now. If he killed any innocents yet.

When I entered my monster “friend’s” new house, it was… rancid. There was a lot of fresh, raw meat around and the whole place smelled like death. Last time I smelled something like that was a nekker nest. But no, he got himself a job as a butcher. It seems he’s keeping himself straight. He showed me a trophy he took from one of the witch hunters. A book keeping track of witch hunter actions recently in Novigrad, including the plan to lure him out. Donald Kleinvingers keeps coming up there. They mostly refer to him by the very imaginative codename of “Donald”. There is also a slogan he’s using to gather recruits – “make Novigrad great again”. He’s blaming sorcerers and dopplers for the Fire. Never mind it was Bedlam and Cleaver who blew up the Temple Isle and the fleet. He doesn’t care much for these things called “facts”.

Strangely, the book refers to their Hierarch as a she. I don’t think the Eternal Fire ever had a woman patriarch. Or priests at all. Perhaps Zhenor will know what woman would be able to have that kind of authority among them.

Barrack keeps asking I stay at his place. I would rather avoid nightmares about him staring down at me squirming in my bed after the Trial. I’m getting the impression he thinks of me like a son. I think of him more like an abusive drill sergeant.


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