24th of Linden 1277

I decided not to tell the town guard Barrack Jabeir brought the oni to town. I’m going with Zhenor and some guardsmen to see him now.

So Ilian Zhenor and Barrack Jabeir have a history together, and they do not like each other. Barrack pulled the “I’m a personal friend of the Emperor” card on Zhenor and got scott-free on bringing very dangerous monsters to Novigrad.

Corruption never changes. Northern Realms, Nilfgaard, Ofir, it will be there always and at all times. There will always be men who abuse power for their own good, and they will always be in power. That is simply the nature of power. The only people who seek out power are the ones who want it for themselves. And the ones who win it are the best liars and cheaters.

I decided to look for things the oni could eat. They prefer raw meat, preferably from fresh kills. Usually cows, goats, horses… people. It won’t find many cows or goats in Novigrad. I should look for horses or people recently found eaten in the city.

The town guard does not know about any people getting eaten recently. Either it hid its victims well… or I found an oni with conscience.

Talked to a man herding pigs in Novigrad. He moved to the city after former Redanian soldiers pillaged his village. His pigs went missing yesterday. I suspected the oni so I followed the trail – pigs are easy to find in a big city. Unfortunately for me, it turned out to be just a dog fighting ring who kidnapped the pigs and fed them to their dogs. I decided not to report them to the authorities. It’s not my problem, especially given that they paid the swineherd back.


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