23rd of Linden 1277

I’m looking at Barrack’s henchmen. Two Zerrikanian women as bodyguards. Ofieri soldiers. Pygmies. That strange sphinx-faced scribe. It’s like he’s collecting a menagerie of people and creatures from all over the world.

Speaking of sphinxes, I fought one during my training days. One got herself a lair near Croesion in Etolia. Unfortunately, she chose some rare beetle from Southern Zerrikania as her riddle’s subject and I couldn’t solve it. Silver sword and hybrid oil still made short work of her.

Barrack told me not to worry about the oni for now. I guess I’ll go talk to the town guard about their problem now. Even so, I’m wondering about the creature. If it didn’t kill those innocent dock workers, I’d consider letting it go. I’d love to be able to talk to it before I pull out the silver.

The group of witch hunters that was supposed to meet in this ruined temple did not show. I should look for them.

I spent some time trying to find traces of these witch hunters. Eventually, I found something. I was led to an old house with a view of Temple Isle ruins. It must have survived the fire. Filled with holy icons and amulets. They probably thought it wouldn’t let evil, that is witches and non-humans, in. Considering I found them dead they were wrong. Smashed with great force or burnt by lightning. Same as the men in the warehouse. It was Barrack’s oni. Looks like my two cases are linked after all. I guess I can catch two birds with one stone. Is that the Northling saying?

When you have sleep cycle as… irregular as mine you sometimes forget other people sleep. I tried to go to the town guard after dusk. I’ll talk to them tomorrow. I’m still not sure how much I want to tell them. They might see Barrack as responsible for the oni.


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