22nd of Linden 1277

When I was with the town guard, learning their intelligence on the witch hunters, one of Barrack’s pygmies appeared. The Zerrikanian wanted to see me right then. I had to explain to him town guard business takes precedence over individual matters. Then he told me the ogroid struck at a warehouse near the docks and killed a few people. I guess I’m investigating it right now.

There are no signs of forced entry. How did this thing fit through the door? It’s supposed to be twice the height of man. The door was kicked open with the force fitting an ogre, or a similar ogroid, but one would not fit in the door frame.

Some of the men inside were smashed or cleaved by a giant club. That fits what I learned about oni. But some bear significant burns. I don’t see burns like that often. Usually from a lightning strike. I read oni possess powerful magical ability, but could they summon lightning like a mage or a druid?

Several crates of raw meat, mostly beef, are missing. Also, one of the men was stripped post mortem.

It somehow fit through a door frame smaller than itself and stole human clothes. It must possess shapeshifting abilities. The Zerrikanian bestiary did not mention that. I should expect a shapeshifter that strikes lightning and has the strength of a giant. Ard Feainn, this is going to be… fun.

No ogroid tracks outside the warehouse. It turned into a human and just left, probably in the stolen clothes. I can faintly smell burnt linen. Perhaps I can follow that to find the creature.

This thing is clever. It grabbed someone’s clothes off a drying line and set them on fire to throw me off. I think I can still follow the scent, though.

I lost the scent. I’ll need to pick the trail up tomorrow. See what else can I learn about this oni and use it to find a hunting ground. I hope the town guard understands that getting this thing is just as important for the people of Novigrad.

Barrack insisted I talk to him about what I found out. He had no idea about the shapeshifting either. “That would actually explain his escape,” he said. “He did not break the locks. The cage was open and the goblin guarding it was dead.” He should have told me about that before. I would have checked out the scene. Barrack still refuses to tell me why he needed that oni in the first place.


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