20th of Linden 1277

The town guard gave me a bit of coin for my work here. It’s not exactly a fortune but it will do for now. Actually, I think I could buy a boat ride to Novigrad, considering I could get that foreign merchant’s pet monster while in there.

No ships with passenger spots going to Novigrad until tomorrow early morning. Perhaps I can get there on horseback by then.

One of the ships has just thrown out a vagabond named Odrin. Perhaps there will be a spot for me after all.

And this paper says Metinna. I knew I wasn’t mistaken. It is a valid spelling. Perhaps I have woken up in an alternate reality where the spelling is different for some bizarre reason. I’m not serious.

I got on the ship. By tomorrow morning I should be in Novigrad. I wonder if anyone will try to rob me and be disappointed I don’t sleep.


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