19th of Linden 1277

I just found out the town guard hired a known doppler to work for them. Why do they need me then?

I know. I’m bait. Bait that can fight back better than the “fisherman”.

The witch hunter extermination project is being handled by a man named Zhenor. A noble from Metinna. Arrogant prick who assumes he knows everything better than everyone and calls me a loose ballista. Typical Mentinnan nobility. Little more than thugs in fancy clothes.

Perhaps he knows me. Realizes he should turn me in. But before he does, he wants to use my talents. We’ll see how his plan goes.

I should take some time to describe some of the worlds I visited in my absence.

Zhenor may be an arrogant prick, but I may have misjudged his intentions. He told me about a foreign merchant with an issue in Novigrad. A witcher kind of issue. Apparently he likes to use monsters for labor, and one of them escaped.

I think I’ll be making my way to Novigrad. More witch hunters to find there, possible contract from the merchant.

It’s Mettina, not Metinna. Perfect memory doesn’t protect me from perfectly remembering a wrong spelling.


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