17th of Linden 1277

You can tell the town guard is Nilfgaardian now. Half the morning I was sitting on briefings on how to deal with the witch hunters. They’re little more than run-of-the-mill bandits. They are not that hard to deal with.

There was a curious thing I learned from the town guard’s magic consultant. Xenovoxes are really taking off. Last I heard they were a rare and expensive novelty. Now they became actually affordable… if you have a good income. It still looks mighty strange to see a grown man walking down the corridor and talking to a small box in his hand.

Town guard got me one of the venovoxes meant for their people. I would look for witch hunters far faster without this going off. This bloede thing keeps giving off some music whenever that sorcerer wants to talk to me through it. How do I turn it off?


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