16th of Linden 1277

I’ve been looking around for witcher work. Bought some supplies. Only an academy instructor looking for a bodyguard. The same suspicious men from yesterday are following me. I’m going to find a dark alley just to provoke them, see what they’re up to.

The men were witch hunters after all. Attacked me in the alley. I dealt with them but hit my head on a wall. Need some swallow and a short meditation.

I dislike killing humans, but at least they don’t smell as bad as nekkers.

A tailor was arguing with me that draconids come from our world. Not even explaining I visited draconid origin world convinced him. It was an unpleasant, hot place. Its thick jungles were filled with giant reptiles and deserts were ruled by dragons. There was actually a race of dragon-men, bearing very slight resemblance to vran, who lived in cities and worshiped dragons. No, I sincerely doubt vrans come from this world.

A group of guards approached me. Strangely, they did not recognize me but wanted help with witch hunters. Someone saw a “black haired witcher” enter an alley, followed by three suspicious men that were soon found dead. They want me to help in luring out these degenerates and getting rid of the Oxenfurt chapter. I said I would consider it. Not the usual kind of work, but I suppose it can suffice.


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