15th of Linden 1277

I’m about to leave the village for Oxenfurt. Perhaps there I will hear more about potential work. Villagers are still unhappy about me cutting their friend’s hands off. He shouldn’t have been attacking armed men.

I wonder what happened to the witch hunters after Nilfgaard took over. I left before the war ended and I could hear the results.

Very few drowners on Yaruga’s banks. I was always surprised how close to civilization they could get.

I met a guard, who I asked about recent developments. Nilfgaard outlawed the witch hunts and reopened Oxenfurt Academy. Most of the witch hunters died or surrendered, but some remained as criminals hunting magic and non-humans illegally. I stand by my opinion Nilfgaard is good news for the society as a whole. If Cirilla becomes empress, perhaps it will be even better. I hear there is much less crime in Novigrad and Oxenfurt too. Only the witch hunters and Eternal Fire remain troublesome.

I have never been to Oxenfurt. It is no Nilfgaard, but after the time spent in the country, it’s a relief to see civilization. It’s strange. I’ve seen other worlds, yet I’ve seen so little of ours.

I got a room in an inn. There is a group of men eyeing me strangely. Judging by their pendants, they might be witch hunters. If they try to follow me, they will regret it.


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