13th of Linden 1277

In the morning I was woken up by a maid cleaning the room. Should they not wait until I leave? Then she started smiling strangely. Asking “Is it true, master, that witchers are notorious gigolos?” Thinking back on it, she might have been hitting on me. Even if I noticed at the time, I prefer women with a full set of teeth. I’m preparing to leave now. I heard in a village a day’s road from here a couple has problems with a haunting.

I should buy a horse. I had a mount in one of the worlds I visited. It was a strange goat-like thing. It was faster than any horse and barely ate.

I found a group of nekkers smack dab in the middle the road. Examining a dead toad. Intellectuals, this lot. And they say time of witchers is coming to an end. There will always be monsters. Even if one day they all look like humans.

I ran across a couple of ruffians on the road. Did not attack me, but looked rough. Turns out, they were the local baron’s men. That is, said baron has left couple years back, during the war to treat his wife. Hasn’t been back since. Now his sergeant rules the place. By stealing, killing… Someone ought to bring this land to order. Not me. So if our great emperor Emhyr var Emreis ever happens to read my journal, move your royal ass and put a proper governor here.

[Margin note] Write down my thoughts on the brief Second Conjunction

A few days ago a merchant added a Gwent card to his payment. I don’t play Gwent, but I have to wonder if this doppler card is expensive.

My road to Cunny of the Goose was cut short thanks to a serendipitous meeting. None other than Yennefer of Vengerberg herself happened upon me in her search for her legendary lover, Geralt of Rivia. She used a portal to get us to the village, in return I bought wine for us both. We exchanged a few sentences, talking about recent history, my future prospects. Perhaps I will write it down in detail later. It was a pleasant change of pace from the usual bartering with peasants for potatoes.


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