12th of Linden 1277

The people of Velen picked up some witcher slang. That is, all they got was ‘post-conjunction creature’. Now they use it interchangeably with ‘monster’. Because it didn’t occur to them relicts are older than the Conjunction. Yes, I will kill the bloede sylvan rapist. But I get bonus coin for your ignorance.

“Even the witchers are Nilfgaardian now,” the peasant said. “Why do you even care where I’m from? I’m a ‘freak’ anyway.”

The sylvan has proven himself far less mouthy when confronted with silver. One small cut was all it took for him to beg for mercy. I spared his life. I did, also, make sure he doesn’t have anything to assault women with anymore.

I had to squeeze the ealdorman a bit. “Oh, master witcher, please, have mercy, few years back war struck our village hard!” However, once I pressed him to the wall, he suddenly managed to find the coin stashed under his bed. Typical. They can keep the “trophy”. I am not going to parade with sylvan… bits hanging about.


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