I decided to start a journal about my work and my travels. Before I continue with current events, I shall briefly describe who I am.

My name is Addar, and I truthfully do not know where I come from. At the age of no more than ten, Nilfgaardian intelligence took me from an orphanage and subjected to tests attempting to replicate witcher mutations. In the end, I alone survived from the small group and was trained by some of the best mages and swordsmen in Nilfgaard’s employ. I spent a few years doing witcher work in the Empire’s heartlands, until I was ordered to kill a man for stealing food for his starving family. I had to run after the Empire turned on me for that ‘betrayal’ and used an ancient portal which landed me on a different world. I spent the next few years attempting to get back to our world and seeing wonders I cannot express in few short sentences.

Seeing the world now makes it clear for me time of witchers is not coming to an end, as many folks say. Therefore, I decided to chronicle the things I see and fight in this journal for posterity. Often I simply write down brief thoughts on current situation. Sometimes, I will write longer paragraphs on things I’ve seen in my earlier years or rare monsters you are not likely to find in common bestiaries, yet I had the dubious pleasure of fighting.

May this journal prove useful to someone in the future.


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